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Sundown - 100% Solution Dyed Acrylics

Covin Sales and Converting is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Sundown-100% solution dyed acrylics. Our Sundown fabric is manufactured in Spain by Sauleda. Sundown is mainly used for awnings, boat covers, pation umbrellas, and other outdoor applications where you need a product that will withstand the sun's rays for a long period of time.

There are many other similar acrylics out on the market, so why use Sundown?

     · Over 69 solid colors in both 47" and 60" widths (unique colors found only in this line)
          Also offering a new width of 78" in select colors!
       (Click here to see the color selection.)
     · Over 100 different stripe patterns, some of the colors and patterns are found only in this line.
       (Click here to see our unique stripe patterns.)
     · Many colors match up to the acrylic colors you may already be using.

      · The Sundown fabric has the tightest weave of any acrylic on the market
     · Weight - 9.25 oz. per square yard
     · 10 Year Limited Warranty

      · It has a "beefier" hand which makes it easier to sew because it doesn't pucker when        you're sewing it
     · A proven product that has been manufactured for the last 45 years
     · If that doesn't convince you wait till you hear how much you'll save.

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      · Premium 17.4 oz awning and tent grade vinyl
     · Very high tear and tensile strength, ideal for tension structures
     · Lacquer coating on both sides and gloss finish on the face
     · Fire retardant vinyl that passes NFPA701 and CA State Fire Marshall Title 19 codes
     · 5 Year Limited Warranty
     · 98" wide fabric
                See color selection

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Phifertex Mesh

Phifetex Standard Mesh
     · High UV resistance for outdoor applications
     · 100% woven vinyl coated polyester
     · 11 oz. per square yard
     · About 15-20% openness factor
     · 54" width
       See color selection

Phifertex Plus
     · High UV resistance for outdoor applications
     · 100% woven vinyl coated polyester
     · 16 oz. per square yard
     · About 7.5% openness factor
     · 54" width
       See color selection

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FR Awning Fabrics

• Durability • Breathability • Mildew Ristance • Dimensional Stability • Water Resistance
• Cracking Resistance • UV Resistance for Long Term Color and Strength Retention



 Product Properties

 Test Method

 Base Fabric    100% Solution Dyed SaturaTM
 Weight    8 oz. / y2 (270 g/m2)
 Width & Put Up    60" / 75 yards per roll
Finish    HydroMax
Spray Rating

 Breaking Strength

ASTM 5034 (warp x fill) 
 490 lbs x 390 lbs
 Hydrostatic Pressure

AATCC 127 
 26" (65cm)
 Tear Strength

ASTM D2262
 20 lbs x 18 lbs
 Minimum UV Resistance  1500 hours
 Fire Resistancy    CA Title 19, CPAI-84
The new formulation of the Weather max FR now pass the California Standard.
This product has a 5 year limited warranty.
See color selection    

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Now Available Sundown FR fabric!!!

· This is FR fabric that looks the closest to solution dyed acrylic. You may not even be able to tell the difference. You will love the    look of the fabric.
· It is 9 oz. in weight and 60" wide, inherently FR solution dyed polyester.
· It comes with a 5 year limited warranty for colorfastness.
· It has nice hand to it which will work well for awnings or curtains.
· It has no back coating, thus the front and back are the same.
· It passes the California Fire Marshall Title 19 code as well as NFPA701
· It will not drip when burned, which is crucial for some fire marshalls.

See color selection

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